Aug 28, 2015

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What Benefits Are Available From Social Security?

What Benefits Are Available From Social Security?

Social Security in the United States encompasses disability insurance as well as providing benefits to retirees. Social Security in Missouri as well as the rest of the country also pays benefits to survivors of deceased workers as well as their dependants.

Social Security goes back to the mid 1930s when then President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed it into law. The motivation at the time was the great depression which saw many people without work and mired in poverty, especially the elderly.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is charged with the responsibility of tracking every workers earnings throughout his or her career. It is this record of earnings along with the age that the individual opts to retire that governs the retirement benefit. To determine the benefits the SSA uses what is known as the “primary insurance amount,” this amount is the average wage of the worker over the 35 highest year’s earnings. A certain percentage of this is then indexed for inflation; the result is the retirement benefit that the retiree will get. The earliest that anyone can retire and claim retirement benefits from Social Security in Missouri is 62 years of age.

Although retirement benefits are the largest proportion of the benefits given by Social Security, Social Security disability benefits are equally important to anyone who cannot perform any gainful work due to a physical or mental disability which is either believed to be long lasting or terminal. As it takes many months for the Social Security Administration to process the application it is very important that the disabled individual begin the process as soon as possible. Those who have very little in the way of income or resources might not be able to apply for SSDI but they might be eligible for another form of payment through a program called SSI, Supplemental Security Income, this is also administered by the SSA.

When an employed person dies the family might qualify for Social Security in Missouri. The benefits are based on the earnings of the deceased; the benefit is known as “survivor’s” benefits. The family, for purposes of the SSA, is the spouse of the deceased, the minor children as well as the parents of the deceased as long as they relied on him or her for at least fifty percent of their support. Social Security benefits are also available to an ex-spouse should she or he had been married to the deceased for at least ten years.

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