What Atlanta Residents Should Know About Investing in Bitcoin

You have probably seen a Bitcoin ATM in Atlanta and thought to yourself that now might be a good time to start using or investing in Bitcoin. You may have even been spurred on by news that countries like El Salvador have started to use Bitcoin as an official currency.

However, you might be reluctant to run over to the Bitcoin ATM in Atlanta because you are not quite sure about how Bitcoin works. The concept of digital money is not that complicated. Most people are familiar with the idea of transferring money digitally from one bank to another.

Bitcoin operates similarly to paper currency. The major difference between Bitcoin and other forms of paper or electronic currency is that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment method. This means that you are able to make transactions without the bank taking a percentage. Additionally, there are no physical Bitcoins. If someone tries to sell you a physical Bitcoin, run away because it is a scam.

Bitcoin uses encryption codes. This is a series of numbers and letters. The number equation used in the creation of the code can also unlock the code. Bitcoin is valued because of its transparency. Every single Bitcoin transaction is recorded, and everyone can see the digital ledger. At the same time, Bitcoin allows for a high level of anonymity.

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