Dec 7, 2015

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What Are Your Options For New Orleans Holiday Accommodations?

When visiting a historical place on your vacation, you want to be aware of all your options. You can easily find the perfect holiday accommodations in New Orleans that captures the spirit of the town, if you know where to look. Depending on how immersed in the spirit of your vacation you want to be, there are many options to choose from as well:


The standard go-to for any vacation or getaway, and there are no lack of choices. New Orleans has long been a well-known tourist’s stop, even outside of the famed Mardi Gras celebrations. However, when booking a hotel room it is still important to keep the famous February holiday in mind, since hotels closer to the center of the action will fill up quickly.


One of the coziest options for staying in New Orleans is a bed and breakfast holiday accommodation. Having a traditional room provides a very at home feel that can make your time in New Orleans very relaxing, as well as fun. Staying in a historically themed B&B is the perfect complement to a site seeing trip as it adds to immersion into the local culture. Couples traveling together find that a B&B is often the most romantic choice. Frenchmen ST bed and breakfast is one of the most popular in the city.


If you prefer dorm style arrangements, there are even hostels available in the area as well. Established in each of the city’s districts, you can find them with both dorm style and private rooms. For festival goers, hostels are a popular choice as little time is intended to be spent in their room.


The busy season for New Orleans is from February through May, during which the celebrations and festivals are all held. Conversely, the prime off season is December through January, when the weather conditions are pleasant, the crowds are not as bad and you can really take in historical sites and enjoy the local culture and cuisine at a leisurely pace. You should always book as far ahead as possible but stay aware that trying to book last minute during the peak season may be more difficult. The thriftiest seasons to visit are in the summer and fall, mainly because the temperatures are at their highest and it is also during hurricane season, which means the heavier rainfall causes it to also be the most humid seasons.

If you are looking to book a New Orleans holiday accommodation, check out the R&B Bed and Breakfast. Situated on famous Frenchmen Street, you will be immersed in culture and comfort.

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