Feb 8, 2013

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What are Williams and Hussey Knives?

It began in the late 1940s. Founded by Thurston Williams and Forrest Hussey, the Williams & Hussey Machine Co., Inc makes some of the finest molders and profiles knives in the woodworking industry. They are committed to produce only the finest woodworking machinery with the goal of total customer satisfaction as their priority. As a woodworker and craftsman, you have undoubtedly heard of Williams and Hussey, but you may have been curious as to who they are and how they got started.

Originally, Williams & Hussey made auto parts but then in 1954 they began manufacturing molder and planer models that were introduced to the woodworking industry. Today, many of molders and planers made in the 1950s are still being used, and with thousands of Williams and Hussey knives and molders having been sold, you can bet they are the industry leader.

You can buy Williams and & Hussey knives online. They are available in a variety of grades to help you finish the job and finish it right. Whether you are looking for a standard high-speed steel which comes made either in a corrugated or smooth back or a DGK performance coated blade or a blade coated in black oxide or a carbide-tipped knife, you can find these online from reputable resellers.

As a woodworker, it is important the tools you use are made from the finest quality and materials so that you have the confidence to make those precision cuts you and your customers are depending on. You also want your cutting tools to be safe for use. Make sure when you are looking to purchase knife sets that you find ones with two bolt holes in them for added safety. A single bolt hole means the knife is not as safe for use.

As you look for woodworking tools to purchase, you want to buy from someone who has the industry experience to meet your needs. Whether you are producing mouldings, cabinetry, doors and windows or furniture, the right tools are required for the right job. You also want to make sure you look for a manufacturer of Williams and Hussey knives that produce your knife sets on time and accurate to your specified profile and the parameters of your machine so that the jobs you are producing will have a high-quality finish.

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