What Are the Types of Thin Film Deposition Services?

Thin film deposition can be applied to an incredibly wide range of components, tools and parts to achieve improvements in lifespan, lubricity, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and more. Of course, understanding the types of thin film deposition services is important.

Medical Devices – For medical devices, there are several types of thin film deposition services. For instance, advanced treatments and coatings can be used to enhance biocompatibility and tissue integration with screws and plates, bolts and other implants. In addition, adherent silver coatings can provide significant infection and thromboresistance, as well.

Friction and Hydrophilicity – For many devices, appliances and applications, friction resistance is a crucial consideration. This applies to applications as wide-ranging as automotive wheel bearings and braces for use on human teeth. In addition, the hydrophilicity of these applications is also important, particularly when it comes to their ability to be wetted by water, thereby reducing or eliminating any potential for hydrophobic behavior.

Wear and Fretting Resistance – Both surface treatments and coatings can be used to improve resistance to fretting and wear. These films can be applied to both metallic and polymeric substrates, ensuring maximum performance, lifespan and durability for a wide range of applications.

Electrical and Optical Considerations – Thin film deposition services can be provided for both electrical and optical applications. For instance, electrically conductive coatings and insulating coatings can be applied to polymer substrates, as well as to metallic and ceramic substrates. Anti-reflective coatings can also be applied, as can coatings to help control heat, to reflect or absorb UV wavelengths, and beam splitter coatings, to name just a few.

Aesthetic Enhancement – While not necessary for performance, durability or lifespan enhancement, thin film deposition services can be used to change the aesthetics of a wide range of devices. This is particularly true for devices made from aluminum or those made from titanium, resulting in different colors and even different textured finishes.

At N2 Biomedical, we have years of experience providing thin film coatings for clients in a very wide range of industries. We serve the needs of companies in industries from aerospace and automotive to medical device manufacturers, orthodontics, and a great deal more. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about your options in thin film coatings and deposition, as well as the unique capabilities of our technology.

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