Nov 19, 2014

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What Are The Qualities Of A Divorce Attorney?

A divorce attorney is a professional member of the bar who is trained in issues which pertain directly to divorce, dissolution or annulment. In many cases, a divorce attorney in Boise Idaho is a practitioner of family law, an area of law that focuses on the family and marriage, including such diverse issues as the preparation of wills to the adoption of a child. When a couple reach the point where they are going to seek separation from one another, it is always recommended that each party seek their own legal counsel and retain their separate attorneys.

Regardless of what area of law an attorney wishes to pursue, he or she must first graduate law school. For those who wish to go into family law, they will focus their studies on family law topics while in law school. Once the law school studies have been completed, the successful graduate must sit the bar exam which includes a written examination and a character examination and assessment which ensures the candidate is of the proper moral persuasion to practice law. Once the bar exam has been successfully passed, the graduate is free to pursue family law, gaining experience over time.

When approached by a client, the first task for the divorce lawyer is to draft the divorce papers. In many cases the couple has mutually agreed to seek a divorce, in which case they may both approach the lawyer for advice and assistance, however, if it appears that the divorce is going to be contentious, both parties will be well advised to hire their own divorce attorney in Boise Idaho to represent their interests. The original petition requesting a divorce can only be served to the opposite party once it has been prepared, written up and signed by the party seeking the divorce.

A very important aspect of the practice of family law as it pertains to divorce is to moderate the settlement when a couple decide to end their marriage. This moderation includes such things as the disposition of the assets and liabilities that were acquired during the marriage, child custody, child support, alimony, etc. If there is a prenuptial agreement in effect, the lawyer will see that the terms are enforced.

Should the divorce become contentious, the divorce attorney in Boise Idaho will represent the client in family courts which are set up to deal with these types of issues.

A divorce attorney in Boise Idaho can work with you regardless if your divorce is a simple uncontested action or a complex contested divorce. You are invited to contact the Finch ~ O’Neil Law Office, P.A.

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