Jan 8, 2015

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What are the common chimney problems?

Chimney problems can range in complexity, some are little more than a minor inconvenience while others are serious and chimney repair in Manhattan will have to be undertaken. A chimney is extremely vital; it acts as the conduit for the gas and smoke from a fire source such as a fireplace or furnace to the outside atmosphere. Identifying and treating problems with the chimney are of paramount importance to ensure the safety of those inside.

One of the most common problems with a chimney is the eventual coating inside the flue with creosote. Creosote is a foul smelling, sticky substance that forms when the gases from burning wood, especially soft wood such as pine, combine and cool while still in the chimney. If the build-up of creosote is not treated or the problem rectified the material will simply continue to build upon itself which in turn narrows the flue as well as cause unpleasant odors in the home and worst of all, it is the primary cause of chimney fires. The elimination of this material isĀ one of the main causes behind the need for chimney repair in Manhattan.

Of course, to eliminate creosote altogether is possible if the fuel source is changed to gas or heating oil, this however is not always desirable or even practical. What is important is to maintain a chimney temperature of at least 250 degrees F and make sure the chimney is properly cleaned annually. Using wood which is perfectly dry can also help as less steam is created; steam is the root cause of cooling the chimney below the recommended temperature.

If the chimney was poorly built in the first place or the design and construction was incorrect at the time, this can lead to several problems that will call for a professional in chimney repair in Manhattan to rectify. Chimneys that were built without a flue liner or they have a flue liner but it is too big will run cooler than optimum, this in turn results in poor draft. As the gases from the fuel cool, rather than travel the full height of the chimney and exhaust outdoors, they condense and stay in the building.

A blocked chimney can lead to all kinds of problems as smoke and gas have no way of escaping. A common culprit are birds that build their nests in the chimney during the off-season for fires, this is one reason why annual cleaning is so important.


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