Aug 19, 2016

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What are the Best Assault Rifles in 2016?

What are the Best Assault Rifles in 2016?

Wondering what kind of Airsoft gun upgrade to get yourself for 2016? Here’s a look at the best assault rifles your money can buy this year:

The UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Rifle

This one comes with plenty of bells and whistles so it isn’t a good choice for a beginner. But once you do get the hang of it, it’s a great addition to your gun collection. You won’t be disappointed with its accuracy and performance. With a muzzle velocity of about 450 FPS, says Dead Center Airsoft, you have a fast, accurate and powerful gun you can use for Airsoft gaming or target practice.

G&G Airsoft Combat Machine M4 raider

If you want the best Airsoft Assault rifles to get you into Airsoft gaming, then this is a perfect choice. Accuracy is great so you can fully enjoy the game play. It’s also reliable so you won’t have to worry you’ll be left hanging in the middle of a skirmish. So if your gun keeps breaking or having problems, toss it over for this one. It’s also lightweight, giving you the advantage of speed on the field.

JG M4 S-System RIS pre-upgraded airsoft Rifle

This feels sturdy in your hand. It comes with an upgraded spring so you to enjoy higher fps and even carry heavy BBs for long distances. It comes with a tightbore barrel that boosts your accuracy. Just adjust the hop-up system and you’ll see the difference right away. The metal flip-up sights are another winning detail.

Any of these models can make for a very good 2016 upgrade. So if you think it’s time you got yourself a new Airsoft rifle, look this way and see which one fits your wallet and skills the best. With any of these airsoft rifles, you can bring your Airsoft games for the next half of 2016 to another level.

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