May 15, 2014

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What Are The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking?

Writing as a regular smoker of some 40 plus years standing; I can say that it is easy to quit smoking; I have done it several times already. That, in a nutshell, is the problem.

You Must Want To Quit

Like just about every other smoker; I know that smoking is not exactly good for me and I think that I know all the reasons and benefits of quitting smoking. But, the truth of the matter is that I don’t really want to stop. I enjoy my cigarettes; they give me satisfaction and, probably keep me calm which is good for my slightly damaged heart.

When you have reached 70 years of age and are told that one of the benefits of quitting smoking is that it will add extra days to your life, the message may not fall on deaf ears, but it does lose its impact. As for the financial drain of literally burning your money, that one has tempted me to at least cut down (if not quit altogether). However that was when I lived under the jurisdiction of a government that was hoping to stamp out smoking by making cigarettes ridiculously expensive – I solved that problem by moving to a place where cigarettes are still relatively cheap.

I know all the health warnings and I do get a bit scared by some of the graphic photographs on some cigarette packets these days. However, when my cardiologist simply says – “You know, you really should quit smoking” – I don’t pay much attention. However, should I find one day that I have a problem with one of my toes and the doctor diagnoses the onset of gangrene, I might do a U-turn and opt for the benefits of quitting smoking. When told that, if you quit you will only lose your toe as compared to being told – “if you continue to smoke, it is guaranteed that you will have to have your foot amputated within the year” – that’s the sort of spur that really makes you sit up and pay attention. In other words, you have found your reason for wanting to quit smoking.

Addiction, Habit Or A Bit Of Both?

Until you have made the decision that you really do want to quit, you don’t pay much attention to this aspect of inhaling nicotine into your lungs and any small, resultant high that it might give you. But, when you do decide, you may well find that you need some help in overcoming this issue. Visit the website for more information.

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