Dec 10, 2013

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What Are The Advantages Of Dedicated Servers?

Online presence is highly essential, particularly when you have just set up a new business. Having a business website can help you in several ways, most importantly in increasing your customers and your profits. Many businesses are completely virtual, utilizing only electronic commerce as their method of functioning. You need to make a choice concerning dedicated hosting vs. shared hosting if you have opted to set up a business website. A dedicated server provides many advantages over shared hosting and can significantly improve the success and function of your business. Here are the main advantages of dedicated servers over shared hosting.

Speed: Accounts on a shared server have to share resources with other users. If some websites are extremely large, or have very high traffic, this can significantly slow down the server’s performance. In extreme cases, the server can crash. If a shared server crashes, many websites might go down. Even a downtime of a few minutes can lead to losing clients and sales. If you run a small business that wants to grow its reputation, this is certainly not an option for you. Having a dedicated web hosting server simply means that all of the server’s resources, including memory, CPU and disk drive storage space are dedicated to you and your website. This opens up an enormous amount of memory as well as operation space; thus, your website can support whatever activity and traffic it receives.

Security: A shared server is simply that; shared. There is the likelihood of compromise because several other users are keeping their websites on the same web hosting server. Even though shared web hosts are regarded as secure, you can improve the security of your data as well as that of your clients by having a dedicated web hosting server. Having a secure website is vital if your website is intended for electronic commerce, which involves clients keying in sensitive and personal data. With a dedicated server, your personal data will be accessible to you only; also, your customers’ information will be kept securely within your server.

Dedicated servers may cost more than shared servers initially; however, it could mean big differences in revenue and success. With greater control over your website, you can adjust your web presence any time you want, improve its functionality and look to optimize sales and traffic.

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