What Are Stock Aluminum Extrusions and How Are They Often Used

Aluminum extrusions are solid, hollow or semi-hollow shapes that are used in all different types of construction, both in small appliances and within buildings. The extrusions tend to be long and narrow with varying degrees of stiffness. The stiffer the extrusion, the less of it you need. You can purchase aluminum extrusions in various sizes, or have them custom-made to fit your needs. In order to better understand what aluminum extrusions are, let’s look at the different uses for stock aluminum extrusions.

Architecture and Construction

In terms of architecture and construction, aluminum extrusions aren’t necessarily used to hold up walls or ceilings. However, they are commonly used for railings, balustrades, building facades and bleachers. Plus, the ladders used by construction workers are often made with aluminum extrusions.

Electrical Systems

Aluminum is a great conductor, so extrusions are frequently used for electrical equipment. Especially in LED lighting fixtures. These fixtures can have thermal management challenges, and aluminum extrusions make a great radiator and heat exchanger.


Having lightweight material is essential for building different modes of transportation. Trains are an obvious example. However, aluminum extrusions are commonly used for trailers and RVs. Because the material is so lightweight, it allows the trailers and RVs to haul a larger load. Plus, if the trailer weight is low, it makes it easier for the truck to pull it.

Stock aluminum extrusions are necessary in a variety of fields–whether you’re building ladders or train rails. If you can’t find the right kind of extrusions pre-made, many companies can make custom cuts. You may also need special machining away corners and end parts, so don’t hesitate to contact a local supplier to discuss your unique needs!

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