What Are Lag Bolts?

Lag bolts or lag screws are fasteners that are used when a connection between two different pieces of wood is required; the use of lag bolts in NY ensures a strong, long lasting mechanical connection. Lag bolts are often employed in the construction of decking, wooden trusses, wooden bridges, really, any application where it is necessary to fasten large wooden beams and posts. The same fattener can be used in concrete but it cannot be used without a special insert in the concrete known as a lag.

Typically, lag bolts are screwed directly into wood, the design includes a large head on the driver end, a course thread on a cylindrical shaft with a smooth section directly under the head. The thread is a very course helix; this allows the bolt to be advanced in the wood when turned in a clockwise direction. The course thread tapers to a reasonably sharp point which is useful as it helps to engage the thread directly into the wood.

Lag bolts in NY are screwed into the wood and tightened using a mechanical tool. As is typical with any bolt or screw the head is larger than the cylindrical screw portion, this design provides a positive stop when the bolt is fully tightened. A typical lag bolt employs a hexagonal head which allows it to be screwed into the wood using a wrench which can be open end, box or in most cases, a ratchet and socket.

The typical arrangement when a lag bolt is used is quite simple. One of the pieces of wood has a pilot hole drilled through it; the pilot hole provides clearance for the bolt which passes through this first wooden piece without engaging the threads with the material. The screw goes into the second piece of wood and is screwed to a depth of about one half of the thickness of the second board.

When lag bolts are tightened down they apply a considerable clamping force. As the surfaces between the two pieces of wood are drawn down tightly there is substantial friction between the wooden pieces, this friction helps to keep the connection from coming loose as time goes by.

Lag bolts in NY are specialty fasteners; they come in a variety of size by diameter, length and thread form. These fasteners are usually zinc plated mild steel but they are also available in stainless steel and silicone bronze which is ideal material for certain applications.

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