Apr 1, 2015

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What Are Hazard Communication Videos?

Hazard communication videos are generally shown to employees in work places. The hazard communication standard dictates that all employers must disclose any toxic or hazardous substances that might be present in the workplace. Employees have a right to know whether the place they work in has any hazardous substances or not. The hazard communication standard is directly related to the worker protection standard. Employees must be granted unlimited access to the Material Safety Data Sheet, and must also be given appropriate training so that they understand any safety or health- related risks.

Hazard Communication Videos

To highlight any toxic or harmful substances in the work place, many employers resort to creating hazard communication videos. As the name suggests, these videos highlight several harmful or toxic substances that might be present in the workplace. However, these are 3D rendered videos. Apart from simply highlighting toxicity in the workplace, they also depict certain acts that can cause harm to a person. For instance, entering a secure environment without a proper suit may cause harm to the employee. Since the videos use 3D models, they can show the harm that might be caused, and what an employee can do to avoid it.

Hazard communication videos have now become a requirement in most businesses. When a new employee is hired in a department that might be exposed to harmful substances, they are shown several different videos. Apart from standard videos that communicate the hazards in the work place, several health and safety prevention videos are also shown.

Health and Safety Prevention Videos

These videos are similar as compared to hazard videos. However, instead of depicting the hazards in the work place, these videos showcase the ways your body is affected by certain actions. It is the duty of the employer to provide clear information to the employees about the harmful effects of their work. For instance, sitting in a stationary position for a long period of time can cause harm to the back.

These videos include 3D renderings that highlight harmful effects in the human body caused by actions in the work place. Health and safety prevention videos are designed to inform viewers about the steps that they can take to prevent any bodily injury or harm. They include recommendations and methods that can be used to mitigate the effects of long working hours. For instance, many videos recommend getting up and taking a walk for 10 minutes to stretch your muscles.

Companies don’t create these videos themselves. Instead, they commission third parties to create such videos for them. That’s because in most cases, motion capture and other sophisticated video rendering methods are used to bring out the message and make them as true to life as possible.

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