Jan 13, 2014

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What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Some New York Gummy Bear implants photos show the remarkable change in the female breast. The photos are very indicative of how this new type of implant improves and enhances a breast or breasts that had been subjected to a mastectomy or simply an enhancement to improve the size and shape.

Gummy Bear breast implants are filled with a material which has a similar consistency to the well known candy of the same name. The material is semi-solid silicone gel which is surrounded by a thick silicone shell and is quite strong due to its multi-layer construction.

Gummy Bear implants were approved for use in the mid 90s except in the US. In 2004 Gummy Bears began clinical trials and they were granted approval by the FDA in early 2012.

The primary difference between Gummy Bears and conventional silicone filled breast implants is the gel material, it is thick and as a result maintains its original shape and completely intact even if it should be pierced. As a result of the inner gel material and the multi-layer shell there is very little chance of “bleeding” of the filler.

As the New York Gummy Bear implants photos show they are available in a number of sizes and shapes. Based on your particular body, the decision as to what implant is best suited is something that is discussed in detail with the surgeon. Once you have an opportunity to look at a series of side-by-side before and after photos you can get an excellent idea of how they will appear on you.

Gummy Bear implants are much closer to breast tissue than silicone implants, they maintain their original form; they bounce back into shape after any movement or manipulation. This is a tremendous advantage over silicone as the chances of the outer shell folding is far less and it is the tendency of the implant folding or rippling that is the main cause of failure. As the implant is made from a semi-solid silicone, even if the implant should rupture or otherwise be torn it is less likely to leak and migrate throughout the trunk area.

The only apparent disadvantages of Gummy Bear breast implants are the initial cost and the fact that a somewhat larger incision has to be made to fit them.


As a potential patient of Michael A. Fiorillo, MD you will want to review several New York Gummy Bear implants photos so that you and the doctor can discuss what shape and size implant is most suitable.

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