What Are General Dentistry Services In Kona?

In Hawaii, general dental services offer patients with comprehensive care and protection for their teeth and gums. The services may include some cosmetic options based on the dental professional’s skill level. Most general dentists provide restorative and teeth replacement options, too. Local general dentistry services in Kona offer patients everything they need to maintain their teeth and gums.

Complete Exams and X-Rays

A general dentist performs complete examinations and x-ray services for their patients each year. The annual checkup is performed to determine if the patient has any current conditions that require dental services. The dentist also reviews the x-rays and determines if there are any underlying conditions that will affect the patient’s teeth or gums.

Cleaning and Periodontal Disease Services

A dental hygienist that works with the general dentist performs cleanings at least twice each year. During the procedure, the hygienist polishes tooth enamel and cleans off any debris. The gums are cleaned, and all tartar and plaque are removed completely. The cleaning procedure used for patients with existing periodontal disease is scaling and planing. It is more complex than a standard cleaning, and some patients require sedation before the procedure.

Reconstructive and Restorative Dental Care

Reconstructive and restorative services are performed to correct existing damage. The services are performed for simple breaks and cracks as well as complex damage produced in an auto or boating accident. The dentist may use appliances such as veneers or use dental bonding materials to correct the damage.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Patients that undergo significant extractions need solutions for replacing their missing teeth. General dentistry in Kona provides a full array of replacement options including dentures, dental implants, and bridges. The appliances that aren’t removable may require surgical procedures, and more than one dental visit is required. However, removable options are created in a lab and are provided to patients once they are completed.

In Hawaii, general dental services include a full array of options for correcting damage and improving the appearance of the smile. The options include standard exams and cleanings according to a schedule set up for the patients. Any patients who need to schedule general dentistry services in Kona are encouraged to contact Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. or visit CarterYokoyamadds.com for further details now.

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