What Are Full Tang Swords and Why Do They Matter?

Swords are made of a few different parts. Each part serves a purpose and different types of swords are made from different types of materials. There are wall-hanger swords that are mainly used for decoration as well as practical usage. If you are looking for something practical, you need something with a full tang. Full tang swords are called that because the tang extends all the way into the handle.

What Is the Tang?

A sword, in its simplest form, is made of a blade and a handle. Full tang swords are made of one solid piece of metal. The blade extends throughout the entire length of the sword. For the handle, two pieces of material are attached to either side of the metal and pinned in place. Typically, they are pinned with rivets. Oftentimes, they are also secured with some kind of epoxy. A sword with a full tang is the premium type of sword because it is more secure than any other configuration.

If you’re looking for a sword you can actually use, you should visit the website blade-city.com. The swords they offer are decorative as well as function as actual sword. If you were to try to cut something with a sword that does not have an actual tang, it could result in the blade separating from the handle. A full tang makes that outcome very unlikely.

Where to Find Them

You should look for full tang swords from reliable sword retailers. They are made of many different types of steel. Look for a place that offers damascus steel. Even if you’re not looking for a damascus sword, offering them means that the supplier is committed to real quality. Damascus steel is a type of steel that is folded dozens of times to create maximum flexibility and durability. You’ll recognize it by the wavy patterns in the steel.

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