Nov 12, 2012

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What Accident Lawyers Do

Accident lawyers are sometimes also called personal injury attorneys. They are generally hired to help accident victims get fair compensation for their injury or property damage when the accident is not their fault. Every case accident lawyers take is unique, but there are some things that every client can expect.

The first thing accident lawyers will do with their clients is conduct an initial interview. During this interview, they will ask a number of questions about the accident as well as the property damage or injuries the client received. Once the accident lawyers understand the case at hand, they will then educate the client about personal injury claims in general. If the lawyer feels the client has a good case, the case will proceed.

If the case is going to move forward the second thing the accident lawyers will do is gather evidence and other records from the client that can support his claim. Those items might include medical records and bills, the initial crash report and other things. The lawyers will also look over the client’s insurance policy to see what type of damages and losses the policy allows the client to receive. Then, the lawyers will gather witness statements, draw up diagrams, obtain photos, and collect physical evidence.

Next, accident lawyers will want to analyze the legal issues that they can use such as assumption of risk and comparative negligence. They will look through the medical records of the client or talk to the client’s doctors in order to get a full idea of what the client’s condition really is after the accident at hand. The accident lawyers might even want to get special reports from experts in order to support the claims the client is making.

After all of this is in place, the accident lawyers will file the necessary claim forms and look through the insurance company contact information in order to give them notice about the claim. The lawyers will then negotiate with the insurance agency in hopes of settling the claim outside of court. The accident lawyers cannot make this decision alone, but rather have to bring the settlements to the client for approval. If no settlement is met, the accident lawyers will file a claim with the court system and a trial date will be set.

If the case goes to trial, accident lawyers will have to prepare their clients for the deposition process. The rest of the evidence will have to be lined up as well as the case proceeds through the court system. The lawyers will run the courtroom aspect of the trial and do the best they can to win. Most of the accident lawyers do not get paid unless they get a positive settlement for their client.

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