What a Disability Attorney Can Do For You

Ideally, you probably planned to work until retirement age so you could receive Social Security payments. But life doesn’t always go as planned, as something may happen to prevent you from working. And whether you become ill or have a condition that prevents you from working, you may have to file for disability insurance. If so, here are some key benefits of hiring a disability attorney in Maryville.


Disability attorneys spend most of their time in court, representing people with all types of disabilities. That way, if you have a certain illness or injury, you can rest assured your attorney has represented people with similar conditions.


You’ll be filling out a variety of forms when you file for disability. One will cover your injury and medical history, while a couple others will highlight your employment history and living situation. A qualified disability attorney in Maryville can better ensure that your forms are fill out correctly. And if you need to appeal, she can further assist you with the additional paperwork.

Foresight and Recommends

Your disability attorney Maryville residents trust, can recognize whether you have an adequate amount of medical records to prove your case. Her primary concern will be to ensure that the statements you made about your condition when filing correspond to actual medical records. If not, she may suggest you go to your specialist and get further documentation. One of the most important documents your attorney will recommend is a valid statement about your injury and limitations from your doctor.

Appearance at Hearing

A disability attorney can recommend how you should dress during a hearing, or answer questions from the judge. She can also counter-argue any statements the vocational expert makes, who will be suggesting jobs you can perform.

Help You Win

Most importantly, your disability attorney in Maryville can help you win both monthly benefits and backpay. The reality is you have a significantly less chance of winning on your own.

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