Apr 30, 2013

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What a Dentist in Lawrence Can do for You

Many people think of the dentist as someone to see for cleanings or to have problems fixed. These things, however, are just some of the services provided by dental professionals. Dentists also perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures.

Teeth need to do more than simply allow you to chew. Since they are a prominent part of the face, they also need to look good. Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures done for this effect. By using a form of bleach, your Dentist Lawrence can remove years of coffee, tobacco, and food stains.

If teeth have become chipped, a flawless shape can be restored through a number of methods used by a Dentist Lawrence. Veneers can be cemented onto their surfaces or the teeth can be crowned. If the chips are minor, the teeth can simply be sanded into a more pleasing shape.

In many cases, appearance and function go hand-in-hand. Braces are one of the most common appliances used to improve both at the same time. A straight set of teeth not only looks better, it provides an improved bite. The improvement in the way the jaws come together can prevent problems down the line.

Even fillings can improve the appearance of the mouth. By choosing white composite fillings instead of obvious silver amalgam ones, you can get rid of cavities and end up with teeth that look like they never had any decay to begin with. Better yet, composite fillings are less likely to cause your teeth to crack over the years. Enhanced Dental Care, a Dentist Lawrence office, offers these and other natural looking restorations.

Crowns and bridges can greatly improve both the appearance and functionality of your mouth. Crowns restore weak teeth to full functionality, while bridges replace missing teeth. Even though old fashioned crowns were known for being made of gold or other obvious materials, nowadays they are made so they look just like the real thing. This is done by fusing white porcelain to strong metal. The end result has the power needed to resist chewing forces, but provides the appearance of a natural tooth.

As this shows, a Dentist Lawrence can do many things for cosmetic or functional reasons. In many cases, a dental procedure will improve both the looks and the strength of your teeth.

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