Aug 21, 2017

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What A Business Owner Can Expect When Working With A Seattle Web Developer

What A Business Owner Can Expect When Working With A Seattle Web Developer

Whether a company is looking to update their web presence or break into the world of e-commerce, their first step is to locate a professional Seattle Web Developer who can help with every step of the project. Many business owners are nervous either because they aren’t sure what to expect or are afraid the process of redesigning or creating a website will be too expensive. Here is a quick look at the process and what a business owner can expect when beginning a web design project.

Initial Meeting

During the first step, the web developer will meet with stakeholders of a company to determine what their needs are and what vision they have for the site. This initial meeting is designed to give the developers an idea of what needs to be incorporated into the site and allows them to determine the cost of the project. The developer will then take the information from the meeting and use it to create an outline and a general vision for the final site.

Content Creation and Mock-Up

Once the developer has an idea of how the site will function, they will then begin the process of creating content. The company will receive several samples that incorporate a variety of colors to ensure the site has the proper look and feel. They will then put all of the information and elements together and create a final mock-up that will provide those involved in the project with a working version of the site they can test.

Site Launch

Once the test site is completed and the design work is done, the developer will then upload the site to the company’s internet server and launch it. It is important that the client perform a variety of tests to ensure any forms function as desired and the page looks and operates as intended. Once the site is launched, the Seattle Web Developer will perform updates to ensure the site runs reliably as browser technology changes.

Companies large and small are taking advantage of the perks associated with having a website. The team at Ravenna can help any company develop a dynamic website that will get them noticed and provide visitors with a quality experience. Call today to learn more and see how affordable a quality website should be.


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