Feb 9, 2015

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Westchester, NY -What to Look for in a Locksmith

Westchester, NY -What to Look for in a Locksmith

Most everyone in New York thinks of locksmiths when they are locked out of their homes, but sometimes the other services provided are overlooked until the situation becomes an emergency. It’s not just entry doors that require lock and key services here in Westchester. Whether it’s garage or storm doors, radiator enclosures, lock and key sets, or safes, the right locksmith service will give you and your family the security you need. So how do you look for the proper service? Here are some suggestions you should consider:


There are many locksmiths in Westchester, New York. Having the code to your valuables is something you want to put in the right hands! Before you choose a locksmith, there are some areas you should look into. You want to make sure that your service provider is licensed. This will insure that the locksmith has the proper documentation as a citizen, and that they are not criminals. Check out the length of time the company has been in business. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but most people would feel much safer seeing that the company they are using have many satisfied customers over the years. Read customer reviews and find out what the emergency standards are. Different services charge different prices for different emergency plans. Finally, find out what memberships the company has with different bureaus and associations. The Better Business Bureau is a great example of one organization that do this.

Services Provided

Don’t wait until you have to break a window to enter your home!  Related services and repairs locksmiths may provide are; lock and key sets, entrance and storm doors, garage doors and operators, gates and bars, and safes.


A good professional will give you a good estimate before the job is started! There are many situations you might find yourself in when you need one. There are a number of estimates you should ask about. Making a house call when you are locked out will generally cost a set amount.
Additional charges on weekends and holidays may apply. Other additional charges may include specialized keys, locks, re-keying your door lock, electronic keys and locks, door locks, labor charge, and hole drilling.

Before hiring a locksmith in Westchester, make sure you take all the proper steps to insure you are putting your safety and home improvement needs in the right hands! Find the best service provider by considering their business history, the services they provide, and make sure to get estimates before the job is done. Go to the site actionlockanddoor.com for more information.

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