Oct 16, 2017

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Welcome to California – Time to Get Your Smog Checked!

In California, most vehicles must be smog checked approximately every two years. Longtime state residents likely already know this; the smog check mandate has been in place for some time. However, it also applies to those relocating into the area. New residents of the state are typically required to have their vehicles smog checked within twenty days of moving into the area, to bring it into conformity with the state’s emissions policies.

Why Smog Checks?

California is well-known nationwide and around the world as an epicenter of eco-friendly thinking. Looking to conserve and improve the quality of the air in the area – somewhat famously polluted from previous decades of industry and automobile emissions – the state government has created a mandate for keeping tabs on how much smog is being emitted by gas-powered vehicles in the area. Nearly every vehicle in the state must undergo these regular smog checks in order to ensure the overall effectiveness of the measure.

Does This Mean Me?

There are some areas of the state – and some years and models of vehicle – that do not require smog checks. Thankfully, the DMV offers a zip code check for those unsure as to what their county or city’s requirements are. For those that are required to have the check done every other year, there can be costly penalties for neglecting to do so.

Brentwood, CA is one area where smog checks are required, and where local providers such as Antioch Star Smog offer these routine screenings for residents both new and old. Making sure vehicles are following the state’s policies is an important part of keeping California’s air as clean and hospitable as possible, for current and future generations. Have you had your smog check this year?

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