Aug 7, 2020

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We Buy Houses for Cash

We Buy Houses for Cash

Are you considering selling your house to a real estate investor? Investors place advertisements in the local press and elsewhere saying, “We buy houses for cash in Portland.” Even if you are a seasoned homeowner, you may not have any experience selling to property investors. There are valid reasons for doing so.

Payment Options

A property investor can offer flexible payment options. If you are facing financial difficulties, or you need access to cash for any other reason, an investor can pay in cash. If you are about ready to retire, an investor can schedule cash payments that will take you comfortably into the next stage of your life. An investor can assume the mortgage on your home, paying you the equity you have built up. Most property investors find the majority of owners they deal with want full payment, in cash, at closing.

Sell the House “As Is”

Investors do not buy houses to live in. They buy houses to fix up and rent or fix up and flip. When you sell your house to an investor, it is not necessary for you to put any money into repairs that would under normal circumstances, be your responsibility. If you cannot, or do not want to, put money into your house, consider selling it to an investor.

The Sale Closes Fast

Some house purchases can be completed in as little as a week. When you sell to someone that buys houses for cash, there is no need for financing, no need for an appraiser, and no need for an inspector. Skipping these processes makes it easy to close the sale quickly.

Your house does not have to be “show ready,” which is the case when you hire a realtor. When you finally do find a buyer, you must move out quickly. When you sell to a property investor, the house does not have to be kept in pristine condition for months on end. In many cases, if you are not ready to move, you can negotiate a leaseback agreement. You get the cash you need before you move to a new home. For more information visit us at PDX Renovations LLC.

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