Apr 25, 2019

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We Buy Houses for Cash in Virginia

We Buy Houses for Cash in Virginia

If you are in a situation where you must sell your house, you have three options. You can put your house in the hands of a local real-estate agent, you can try to sell the house privately, or you can sell it to investors who say, “We buy houses for cash in Virginia.” Investors who do buy houses not only buy them, they buy them for cash, and they buy them in “as is” condition. The entire process, rather than taking months, takes a matter of one or two weeks. There are good reasons why homeowners turn to property investors when they must sell their house.

A Far Better Chance That Sales Will Not Break Down

Finding a potential buyer is difficult and frustrating. You can spend untold hours preparing the house, showing it to prospective buyers and answering all their questions. Eventually, you will get an acceptable offer. This does not necessarily mean the house is sold. Unfortunately, for the seller, the buyer is unable to arrange a mortgage. At the last minute, the potential buyer finds that his or her credit is not good enough to afford the purchase. When this happens, the whole process has to start over. When you sell your house for cash, this cannot happen. When an investor makes an offer, credit and loan obligations are not a factor. Deals do not fall apart at the last minute.


Although you can expect a better offer when you sell your house through a realtor, it can take months to conclude the sale. On the contrary, when you accept a cash offer, the sale closes quickly, a matter of days, certainly not months.

When you sell your house for cash, the buyer, not the mortgage company assesses the value. A cash buyer is free to make whatever offer he or she thinks the property is worth. You, as the seller, are free to accept the offer or reject it. When you sell for cash, you eliminate the potential pitfalls of selling to someone who must arrange finance first.

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