Jul 24, 2015

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Ways To Upgrade Your Shopify Design

Ways To Upgrade Your Shopify Design

Websites can and do go out of style for more than just aesthetic reasons. If your Shopify design is no longer offering you and your customers all the services, options and features you want, then it might be time for an update. Professionals can build new features and give the site a modern appearance.

While functionality is important, the overall appearance of your website is the first thing customers notice. What may have been the trend when the website was built is no longer the best practice, and websites can begin to look old and obsolete.

When websites don’t have the Shopify design features customers are looking for, it is likely that they will click down to the next listing on the search engine page. Over time, ecommerce website owners will not only see a drop down the search engine rankings, but they will also see a decrease in sales from the site.

Responsive Design

It has been reported by comScore that the number of mobile device users on a global basis now exceeds the number of people using desktops. In fact, the number of mobile users in 2014 was estimated to be about 1.8 billion while desktop users have started to level out at about 1.65 billion. The trend for mobile users, including laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones is still rising, however.

If your Shopify design is not responsive to mobile devices, you are losing out on an increasing share of the online purchasing consumers.

Apps of Value

Applications are an essential component of new Shopify design features, and they are instrumental when used on mobile devices. Apps can be custom developed to give your customers the tools needed to make effective buying decisions and to make your site their favorite.


While SEO is an important part of the new Shopify design and development concepts, navigation is an often overlooked aspect to consider. You may notice customers leaving your site if it is not set up to use breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are those easy pathways that trace viewed pages on a site.

If you choose a professional agency specializing in Shopify design, you can revamp your website, incorporate the latest in technology and give your customers an excellent shopping experience.

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