Ways to Prepare for Sprinkler Installation in Port Orchard WA

Sprinklers create a thriving outdoor space which can be enjoyed. To make the most effective use of out the sprinklers, they have to be appropriately placed. Before the day of installation, these are some of the items that can be done to help speed up the installation.

If the trenches have been marked out, go along those paths and remove any type of hard debris such as rocks. This will make it easier to dig the pathways for the best sprinkler system installation in Port Orchard WA. In addition, make sure to remove any plants that are intended to be saved. Most plants can be temporarily placed in pots and then moved to their new location after the system has been laid down.

Consider making alternative plans for pets who utilize the backyard. While dogs are great diggers, they will get in the way of the installers. Plan a play date at another dog’s house or plan to spend several hours at the local dog park. Watch the dogs around the newly installed lines. They may try to dig up buried sprinkler piping. If necessary, divert the dog’s attention away from the newly dug areas with alternative digging sites or using treats as an incentive to stay away.

Have a plumber check the water connections before the sprinkler system installation in Port Orchard WA. Old and leaky valves will need to be replaced so that the system can be shut off for maintenance. Piping should also be evaluated for corrosion and blockage. These issues will impede the flow through the system and can result in withering plants. If there is stainless steel piping utilized, the piping runs may need to be completely replaced. Piping should be able to handle the water pressure needed to run the system. The pressure may also have to be verified prior to installation depending on the type of system.

Sprinklers are an essential ingredient in maintaining a space that the family utilizes. These are some of the items that can be done beforehand to help prepare for the day.

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