Oct 25, 2013

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Water Heaters in Arlington Heights: When to Consider Replacement

Every appliance in the home is prone to problems. The water heater is no exception. When the water heater begins to present problems, the immediate solution that many homeowners think of is calling in a repair technician. While this is often the best idea, it is also good to realize that, at times, you will need to make a very different decision. As many experts in Water Heaters in Arlington Heights advise, sometimes it is good to replace the system. However, this decision may not be easy to make especially when you are hard pressed financially. Here are some of the many signs that you should look for.

Past repairs

One thing that you should look at is the number of repairs that you have had in the past. You may realize that the system has been repaired several times over the last few months. In cases like this, then it is no longer cost effective to keep repairing the system. Investing in a new one will make more sense.


You will find that the performance of the appliance is still beyond normal standards despite the fact that you have repaired it in the past. Other than the cost of an occasional repair, the water heater still functions well and efficiently. If the water heater has only presented a few issues, having it repaired may be more cost effective than replacing it.


At times, you may not realize that the system is simply giving in to wear and tear as it is quite old. However, the bad thing about this kind of appliance is that there is nothing much you can do. Once a problem is solved, a different one will emerge within a short time. Investing in a new one is a better idea if this is your situation.

Cost of repair

At times, the technician may suggest that you replace only the malfunctioning parts. If your water heater is old and the cost of repair would exceed the value of the unit, the technician will probably suggest replacing the unit with a new one or a used one in good condition.

An expert in Water Heaters in Arlington Heights holds the experience and knowledge necessary to help you make the decision of whether to repair or replace your unit. At Allied Air Conditioning and Heating Company, you will get quality products as well as excellent services. With over 40 years experience in this business, there is no doubt that you will enjoy their invaluable services.

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