Water Heater Repair in Newnan Ga and Storage Versus Tankless

There are times when you can put off air conditioner repair if it isn’t too warm outside in either daytime or night time. There are times when you can delay getting your furnace fixed if it isn’t yet cold enough so that it can wait. However, there never seems to be a time when anyone can live without their hot water heater if that breaks down.

Without the hot water heater, you’ll be taking some awfully cold showers. You won’t have hot water to wash dishes by hand or run the dishwasher, and you’d have to wash laundry using cold water. So, when you need Water Heater Repair in Newnan, you need a reliable repair service with a good reputation for quality service and fair pricing who is able to come out and fix it quickly. For all your water heater needs turn to Favret Heating and Cooling today.

If your water heater is making a strange noise, it’s smart to request Water Heater Repair Newnan so a technician can find out if it’s malfunctioning. If it is, there is a danger that the water heater can explode if the contents endure too much pressure. Water Heater Repair Newnan technician will determine if the water heater can or should be repaired or if you should replace it.

If you do have to replace it, there are two kinds of water heaters to choose from, the storage tank kind and the tankless kind. Storage water heaters may be called tank-type water heaters. They store water in the water heater and keep it at a hot temperature so that hot water is ready and waiting in the tank when you need it. Tankless water heaters don’t store water in the unit. They’re very small, and can mount on a wall. Because they don’t store water inside, there is no risk of explosion as there can be if a tank-type water heater overheats. However, they will use a sudden surge of energy to heat water on demand when required.

On the other hand, a tank-style heater uses more electricity overall because it has to keep the water constantly heated, and if the water temperature drops, it has to use more energy to heat it to the desired temperature. Also, as anyone who has ever been the last to take a hot shower knows, once the tank is empty, it will take awhile for it to fill up again and get the water heated to the right temperature. Visit GoRapid Inc. for more information.

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