Watch Out for 5 Things Before Choosing a Car Dealer Insurance

Pick the right insurance company for your auto dealership. Given the coverage that could be involved, this isn’t a decision you’ll want to make on a whim. Find out what you should watch out for.

Price Tag

A high price tag isn’t necessarily a good thing. It doesn’t automatically mean that you’ve picked the best car dealer insurance policy. However, one thing is clear: these policies don’t come cheap. You’ll want to pick an option that requires a reasonable investment of funds.


How much experience does the company have? You’ll want to consider the experience that the dealership’s team brings to the table, too. If they run the auto dealership. Find out if they have the expertise and experience to help you.


What kind of features does the insurance plan have? Don’t be in a hurry to pick one. Do you need insurance coverage for your workers? What about insurance for the customer vehicles stored at your car shop?

Service Quality

One of the best considerations when you pick an insurance carrier is the quality of its service. Is the company’s staff helpful? Do they send timely replies to any of your inquiries, calls, or messages? Do they take the time to go over the insurance products with you? Do they answer your questions patiently or discuss your worries in greater detail, so that they can assure you? Or does the staff dismiss all your concerns, and seem to be in a rush to serve you?


Be on the lookout for any complaints lodged against the company. A few negative reviews aren’t conclusive enough. But if there are too many complaints, that could indicate that something is wrong. Save yourself a ton of trouble and stress by choosing a different insurance company for the coverage your business needs.

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