Jul 21, 2015

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Washroom Hand Dryers Are the Top Choice of Many Businesses

Washroom Hand Dryers Are the Top Choice of Many Businesses

Business owners who oversee restaurant operations are finding that washroom hand dryers are preferred as they cut down on paper use and also provide a more sanitary restroom environment. The dryers are also preferred choices of business offices too. To support the use of washroom hand dryers, a number of scientific studies have been documented in popular medical reviews on the health advantages and hygienic superiority of using hand dryers in restrooms.

Why Automatic Restroom Dryers Are More Sanitary

Using hand dryers, according the publications in the medical community, are declared by most of the studies to be much more sanitary than other kinds of drying methods, including the use of paper towels. According to the journals, the bacterial counts inside a dryer are frequently about three times lower than they are on surfaces inside the washroom itself, such as on sinks, soap dispensers and handles and knobs of doors. In simple terms, the hand dryer will not add any additional germs to the air in the restroom.

Heater Coils Burn Away Germs

The dryer utilizes the same air that people are breathing – the same air, too, that is coming into contact with your hands. Dryers that feature heating elements will also burn away any germs that are coming in contact with the coils of a unit. Unlike paper towels, using a hand dryer will not leave any kind refuse – debris that can also hold bacteria. Many business owners like to install automatic dryers in their restroom facilities as doing so remedies any problems with surface contact.

Hygiene experts recommend that business owners install automatic dryers over the push-button kind. In addition to automatic dryers, experts in the field of hygiene also suggest that restroom facilities feature auto-flush type toilets and automatic dispensers for soap. If you keep the word “automatic” in mind, you will reduce paper waste and reduce contact with bacteria. One could say then that “automatic” is synonymous with “hygienic” when making a decision to buy restroom hand dryers and accessories.

Paper Towels and Bacterial Control

While paper towel companies often requisition studies of hand-drying to show the benefits of using paper towels, independent third-party studies have been undertaken as well. One study that was featured in the American Journal of Infection Control (December 2011) showed that bacteria did linger on unused paper towels. A Mayo Clinic Research study, which was conducted in 2000, indicated that proper hand washing was more important than the drying method utilized.

Over the past four decades, several research studies have been documented in medical reviews that showed the hygienic superiority of using a hand dryer over a paper towel. Peer-reviewed research from such prestigious institutions as the Mayo Clinic favors the hand dryer for use.

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