Nov 12, 2013

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Was Your Accident due to Poor Road Conditions? An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Corona, CA can Help

Car accidents are often caused by road issues such as potholes and puddles, but sometimes other people are at fault as well. If a road is improperly maintained or designed, and you have an accident, you and your Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Corona CA may be able to get a financial recovery. Here, you will learn more about the various road conditions that can cause accidents.
What Causes Accidents?
Ice, snow and water aren’t the only things that can cause accidents. Blind curves, steep slopes, and high shoulders can also be to blame. Problems such as these can cause you to lose control of your vehicle; for instance, if your tire hits a high shoulder, the impact can make it harder for you to maneuver your car. Water collecting at the bottom of a steep slope can raise the risk of hydroplaning.
According to a report done in 2009, bad roads may be a contributing factor into up to half of the nation’s highway deaths. In a perfect world, there would be no bad roads – but this world is far from perfect. Road hazards should be marked, and if they are not, car accident risk increases.
Poor Road Conditions: Who is Responsible?
In some accidents due to road conditions, drivers do share some responsibility. It’s a driver’s duty to pay attention behind the wheel, but those responsible for maintaining and building roads can also be to blame. The driver may share some responsibility-;after all, you are supposed to pay attention to the road in front of you and notice things like potholes or water-;but the people or companies responsible for building and maintaining them can also be held responsible. These entities may include:

* Road crews who failed to post road hazard warnings
* Cities and municipalities who ignored citizen requests for signals and signs at a   particular intersection or on a certain road
* Engineers who designed a poorly graded road
* Transportation departments that don’t put up hazard signs after heavy rains
* States who don’t fix potholes fast enough
* Construction companies that skimp on materials

If you’re in a car accident and you think poor road conditions may be to blame, don’t plead your case alone. A Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Corona, CA can help you find out whether you have a good case against an individual, city, company or state.
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