Feb 23, 2018

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Warning Signs of Engine Trouble

Your car is your engine. Everything else is just the stuff that the engine powers, but the engine is at the heart of everything, and like a normal heart, if the engine dies, so does the body. But the engine is shut away under the hood, and for many of us, looking at the engine is like staring at a complex math problem with no idea what any of the letters mean. Here are a few warning signs of engine trouble to keep an eye out for.

Warning Lights
This one might seem a bit obvious, but far too many people completely ignore their warning lights. Don’t do that. If an issue is in the warning light stage, it’s probably also in the easier to fix stage. If you let warning lights go too long, then a small issue can become a big issue, even possibly an engine destroying issue.

Oil Patch after Parking
If your car is leaving a puddle of oil underneath the car when you’re parked somewhere for a while, you probably have a leaky engine, and need to get it checked immediately.

Funny Noises
If your engine is making weird noises, that is a very bad sign. Engines will chuff a bit as part of a regular function, but if you hear loud rattling or knocking, there’s a good chance something is loose. Get it checked immediately, because it may or may not be possible at this point to salvage the engine.

Jerkily Driving
If your car is speeding up and slowing down at an erratic pace when you should be rolling comfortably, there’s probably an issue in your engine or your transmission causing the jerkiness.

Bad Smell
Having bad smells radiating from your engine might not just be bad for the engine. It’s possible that the smells coming out are actually toxic fumes, which can bode poorly for your own health, in addition to showing a significant issue with your engine.

Smoke or Steam
Both smoke and steam coming out of your hood mean different problems in your engine, but neither of them bode well. Basically, if you see any solid smoke escaping from your engine, it’s time to get the engine looked at.

Any one of these symptoms can mean that you need to get auto repair services. In Mesquite TX, Town East Automotive is one very well respected option to get your engine, and your car, running again soon.

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