Viora Laser Tightening in Georgia: Why It’s Called “the Cinderella Effect”

There are so many non-invasive aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures available now. Many are affordable because they are non-invasive. However, the less surgery is involved, the more likely the effects of these procedures is temporary. Take skin tightening – viora treatment in Peachtree City, GA’s most popular non-invasive procedure for tightening saggy skin. It is so temporary that it has earned the nickname, “the Cinderella Effect”, yet most women and a few men keep coming back to get it. Here’s why Viora in Peachtree City, GA, is called “the Cinderella Effect” and why it still remains so popular.

Viora Only Lasts 24-48 Hours

The laser used in Viora causes the underlying facial muscles to respond in such a way that the muscles pull taut and do not relax for a while. The effect is quite stunning, but it is not permanent. In fact, most patients that request Viora find that their faces return to normal somewhere between 24-48 hours after the procedure has been completed. Still, if you want to know what you would look like with a full-on surgical facelift, you can try Viora to see how you would look.

It’s Short-Lived Effects Are Ideal for Special Events

Debutante balls, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Parties, weddings and major milestone anniversaries; all of these are celebrated with pomp and circumstance and a ton of photos. In Georgia, it is important to put your best face forward and that is why Viora is so popular. When you don’t have time for surgery and healing, you have a little laser lift with this procedure and you’re good to go until after the party.

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