Jul 26, 2018

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Verify Your Coverage with an SR-22 in Fox Lake, IL

Verify Your Coverage with an SR-22 in Fox Lake, IL

If you or someone else has been in an accident or has otherwise been caught driving under the influence or without insurance, there are likely to be consequences that lie ahead, in addition to some extra steps that may need to be taken to help mitigate these consequences.

Those caught driving without insurance or convicted of some sort of violation may be subject to a suspension or revocation of their driver’s license, and an SR-22 is often required to avoid this situation.

What Is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a certificate that you receive from a car insurance provider that demonstrates your financial responsibility, and if you request an SR-22 in Fox Lake, IL, you are essentially asking your insurance provider to vouch for you. These documents come directly from car insurance providers and indicate that you or the driver is complying with state-mandated auto insurance coverage requirements.

Without this certificate, drivers may be subject to some pretty heavy fines in the state of Illinois, but if you seek an SR-22, you need an insurance provider who is authorized to write this type of document. When you visit Alamoinsurance.us for all of your auto insurance and certificate needs, you can make sure that you meet state requirements and avoid being heavily fined or punished.

How Long Do You Require the Certificate?

An SR-22 will typically be required for three years after you obtain it. This is also generally how long it takes for your driving record to be cleared. Typically, a judge will tell you whether or not you need to get this certificate.

These certificates go with your insurance policy, and after three years, you can usually request to have the SR-22 removed. This may also be the time when the violation will be removed from your driving record.

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