Varying-Media Flow Solutions with the Coriolis Meters in New Jersey and Worldwide

Flowmeters can encounter problems with consistent readings for multiple media-types in one system, such as liquids of varying densities and gases. The practical and versatile option for consitent reading flowmeters is micro motion coriolis meter.

Flowmeter Advantages

While the investment in this meter might be a bit high, the advantages it offers in multi-phase systems, such as liquids and gas, frequently offset the cost.

The makes accurate measurements of mass flow by measuring the phase difference. This is made possible through the application of the Coriolis principle, in which the meter reads changes in additional tube-oscillations and twisting induced by liquid flowing in the oscillating tube.

Practical Solutions

An important aspect of the Coriolis meter is its applicability to most gases and liquids, including slurries, liquids containing solids, high-viscosity liquids, corrosive liquids and other media.

In addition to system flow rate, the also measures, viscosity, density and the medium’s process temperature. As these are integral to mass-flow calculation, they also serve as additional information.

In contrast to other meter types, the meter is capable of capturing flow data during instances of extreme drops in pressure or low rates of flow, making the technology a top option.

The flowmeter is also an effective replacement for existing systems technologies because it requires no straight pipes or related installations to work.

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