Apr 14, 2014

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Various Types of Outdoor Home Lighting

Home lighting is not just for indoor use. You can also illuminate your outdoor area from your walkway to your backyard. You can feature certain areas of your yard, or do something simple so you can see in the dark. When it comes to outdoor home lighting, you can find some beautiful ways to use it to create an outdoor atmosphere. The following types of outdoor lighting solutions will give you a few ideas of how it can be used and beneficial for your property.

Garden and Walkway Packages

If you have any kind of flower, vegetable, rock, or other kind of garden landscaping, garden lighting packages help add some style to accent the area. You can use this kind of illumination for safety purposes, or to create a sophisticated garden area. Kits can include 3 to 5 LED fixtures (depending on the package), connectors, cable, and the transformer. Garden packages are also ideal for walkway illumination. You can pick your finish with this Coppertino Series light kit.

Deck, Fence, and Stairway Packages

One thing to think about when you are adding illuminating fixtures to your deck, fence, or outdoor stairway is ample lighting without any blinding glare. This factor is remedied by choosing fixtures that can be positioned according to your needs. the goal is to add ambiance to these outdoor areas. This is about making a space that is attractive and inviting for your family and guests. Low voltage, solar-powered landscaping lights provide a cooler illumination that isn’t blinding. Each Dakota Series kit allows you to choose your finish type and color and comes with 6 LED fixtures, 125-foot cable, connectors, and a 60-watt transformer including a timer.

Other outdoor home lighting can be used to accent a tree, your flag, or your dock if your property is on the water. Fixtures can come in various sizes and series of flood, landscape, deck and wall, grill, fence, sconce, and pipe or post lighting fixtures. These illuminating fixtures aren’t just for home use. If you own a business, they can also be used for accent and added security since sometimes lights can act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Touchscape Accent Lighting has an inventory of lighting fixtures and packages to help you create whatever outdoor environment you desire.

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