Oct 19, 2011

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Various Information Related to Glaucoma

Are you or any one in your family members suffering from glaucoma? You should immediately get in touch with an ophthalmologist in order to get proper treatments.

Here are some important information about glaucoma. Read on carefully!

What is glaucoma?
* It is an ailment of your optic nerve.
* The optic nerve is that part of your eye which carries the pictures you see to your brain. It is made of a number of nerve fibers, just like an electric cable containing many wires.
* Any damage to these optic nerves – leads to the development of blind spots.
* These spots remain undetected until and unless your optic nerve is severely damaged. In case your entire optic nerve is damaged as a result of aging, injuries, or prolonged illness – you will become blind! However, if glaucoma is detected early, then you can prevent blindness.

You may not be familiar with the fact that ‘glaucoma’ is one of the main reasons for blindness in the United States of America, specifically for aged people. However, early detection as well as proper treatment can prevent blindness.

What are the causes of glaucoma?

A clear fluid – aqueous humor flows inside the frontal portion of your eye. In order to maintain an adequate amount of pressure within your eyes, a little amount of aqueous humor is produced at a constant rate, while an equal amount of this liquid flows out of your eyes by means of a microscopic drainage system. Don’t consider this liquid as your tears.

As our eye is sort of a close arrangement – if its drainage area (known as drainage angle) that allows the circulation of the aqueous humor is blocked, then the excess liquid will not be able to come out of your eyes. This will lead to the increase in the fluid pressure inside your eyes. This in turn will exert more pressure on your optic nerves causing the damage.

This is how glaucoma is caused.

What are the different types of glaucoma?

Basically, there are two different types of glaucoma –

* Chronic open-angle glaucoma:
* Closed-angle glaucoma

Who are more likely to suffer from glaucoma?

Here goes the answer –

* Older people
* People having high eye pressure
* People having a family record of glaucoma
* People suffering from farsightedness or nearsightedness
* People who have suffered from eye injury in the past
* People suffering from diabetes, migraine as well as poor circulation

These are some of the most vital information about glaucoma. Murfreesboro has got a number of ophthalmologists offering high-end treatments for the same. However, before selecting one for you should verify if he (or she) is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist.

Glaucoma Murfreesboro – Are you suffering from glaucoma? Murfreesboro based McCabe Vision Center is the best option available to you. So, fix an appointment right now!


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