Apr 9, 2014

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Vacationing Amidst Central Oregon – Rugged Majesty At Its Finest

Vacationing is the time to get away from it all. If you enjoy rugged mountains, volcanic peaks and deep river canyons, why not choose the epic landscape that is Oregon. Vacation home rentals in Central Oregon put you in the midst of what can become the adventurous holiday of a lifetime.

The Landscape

In Central Oregon, you cannot ignore the landscape. Spectacular formations create a setting you cannot easily forget. How can you ignore the rugged majesty of the Cascade Range or the powerful waters of the Deschutes River? With lava beds, volcanic plugs and crater lakes, the region is a marvel to explore. Vacation home rentals in the area are at a premium because of these and other natural wonders.Why not consider a visit to Lake Billy Chinook, formed by the Round Butte Dam? You can visit the cities of Bend or Redmond. You should also leave yourself plenty of time to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. This will help explain the wildlife, geology and archaeology of the area.

Lake Billy Chinook

A reservoir formed by damming the Deschutes River in 1964, this expanse of water is truly a marvel to behold. On either sides of the clear flowing water are canyon walls towering 400 feet into the blue sky. The lake stretches for 7 miles. Explore it on a houseboat. Go fishing for smallmouth bass, kokanee, bull and brown trout, and sockeye salmon. If you like to fish-and-release, you can catch Chinook salmon or rainbow trout. This is a possibility for those with spring vacation home rentals in the area.

Lake Billy Chinook is also host to other activities. Besides boating, swimming and fishing, you can hike along the shoreline. In the lake, you can boat by the protected The Island. It is a raised peninsula of a certain beauty and free from human invasion. Yu can, however, wander along the shorelines and head upwards to the cliffs to visit Cove Palisades National Park.

Cove Palisades National Park

Looking over Lake Billy Chinook, surrounded by the cliff lines is Cove Palisades National Park. This is the perfect place for those who want to experience the wilderness without roughing it too much. The landscape is beautiful. You can hike along several great trails including the Tam-a-lau Trail.

One place not to miss visiting that lies within the boundaries of the park is the Crooked River Petroglyph. This historic site sits near the park headquarters. It features interpretative panels approved by the Warm Springs tribal au­thorities. The petroglyphys were moved to this spot in 1963 to prevent their loss when the river was damned to create Lake Billy Chinook.

It is essential to have access to a vehicle to get down to the Lake or to head for Lake Simtustus and/or Pelton Park. Here you can swim, fish and take part in various water-based activities. Very warm in the summer and chilly in the winter, this is a park for all seasons.

Everywhere you go in Central Oregon, you are aware of the landscape. Its influence affects the people who live there. Even those with vacation home rentals in Central Oregon feel the pull of this land. Its rugged appeal is not for everyone, but its attraction is such that once it grabs hold, it never lets go.

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