Feb 17, 2015

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Utah Worker’s Compensation And What It Involves

Worker’s compensation insurance is something that every employer should consider having. Although state laws vary across the country, many businesses are required to have worker’s compensation insurance. Unfortunately, many employers and employees don’t know enough about what this protection has to offer or what it involves.

Utah Worker’s Compensation is meant to benefit both workers and employers. On one hand, this insurance protects workers by providing them with financial support when they’re injured. Countless workers are injured on the job every year. Sometimes these injuries are only temporary and sometimes they’re permanent. Workers often need lots of financial support in order to get back on their feet. Worker’s compensation will help by providing funds for medical expenses and lost wages.

Employers benefit from worker’s compensation as well. Without this insurance employers could be subjected to several lawsuits. Injured workers will likely seek a judgement in court, and many businesses may not be able to handle the settlement. Having insurance may help you avoid having to pay large settlements and this could protect your business.

If you’re a worker, it’s important to understand what Utah Worker’s Compensation can and can’t do. Worker’s compensation can help to pay your medical bills if you’re injured on the job. However, if you’re injuries aren’t job related, you may need to take care of the matter on your own. Not every injury case is accepted by worker’s compensation. If it’s determined that you lied about your injuries or that they were due to your recklessness, your injuries may not be covered by your employer’s insurance.

In order to make sure your injuries are covered, you’ll need to act fast. The longer you take to report your injuries the harder it’ll be to have your claim accepted. It’s important that you notify your employer about your injuries and that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Contact Davis and Sanchez if you have more questions about this insurance. Again, worker’s compensation insurance helps both employers and employees. These benefits aren’t available to every employee who’s been injured. In order to qualify for worker’s compensation benefits you need to have received work-related injuries. File your claim as soon as possible for it to be accepted.

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