Jun 18, 2013

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Using The Right Kind Of Top Soil For Your Lawn Or Patio

If you have a yard or patio, then you also likely have a patchy area of grass and several plants to go along with it. The grass and plants are what really gives life to your outdoor area. You should take measures to ensure that all plant life within your property receives the proper care and maintenance. One way to do this is by supplying it with enough soil. You can purchase top soil in Santa Cruz CA at your local lawn and garden shop.

Before you go out and buy a large bag of soil, it is important to explain the importance of top soil and the role it plays. Top soil is a broad term and is defined in a number of ways. Generally, it is the outer most portion of the soil, usually the top two to eight inches.

Genuine top soil undergoes a lengthy process in which nutrients from dying plants, leaves and stems are absorbed into the soil. This creates a very rich soil in which most plants can thrive. However, Santa Cruz, CA top soil types are much simpler and are nothing more than regular dirt with excess clumps of rocks and other debris removed. Other brands may be a screened product with soil amendments.

While many manufacturers may disagree on what the definition of top soil really is or constitutes, most can agree that the best qualities come from the ones that are light and fluffy in texture with a batch of organic compost, mulch and other matter mixed in. There are different quality levels of top soil; the better quality ones will tend to be on the more expensive end. You can speak with a landscaper to determine the best type of top soil in Santa Cruz CA that will be best for your needs and budget.

The garden or patio is an area of the home that should be given special care and attention. With a fresh supply of top soil and enough water and sunlight, the plants will receive the nutrients it needs to sprout and thrive. You can do your own research online, speak with a landscaper or get answers from a staff member at a lawn and garden store to learn more about the various ways in which top soil is processed.

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