Using square cake pans effectively in baking

Cakes baked in square pans come out with straight edges and are often used in tiered cakes. Whether you are building a wedding cake, a birthday cake, or a cake for a Quincenera, you can get the best results from using these types of pans. However there are some tips and tricks that are helpful that can ensure the best results in all of your baking. Square cake pans are one of the useful tools that you can take advantage of in all of your baking for stunning and professional results.

Making sure the edges rise properly

When using square pans during the baking process, one of the issues that many new bakers experience is the edge of the cake not rising properly. When first using square pans, it is important to be aware of this particular issue. A solution that has proven helpful with the corners seeming to sink is to push more batter to the edges with a spatula. By pushing the batter to the edge of the cake pan, you will be able to make sure that the edges of the cake are more evenly distributed.

Avoid spraying or brushing the sides

If you want to make sure that all the areas of the cake rise evenly, it is important not to use a spray on the square cake pans. The spray will cause the sides and corners of the cake to slip downwards which would make it a bit lower than the center of the cake. If you are going for a perfect result, you may be disappointed with the outcome. However by avoiding sprays, you can help to make sure that your baked goods come out evenly on all sides and in all areas.

Using baking strips

Many bakers have found success with using baking strips since this helps the cake get removed from the square cake pans much more easily.

By keeping these points in mind, you will have a great idea about how to use square cake pans in your baking.

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