Using Plugs and Patches in Oversized Tire Repair in Las Vegas NV

Many drivers have had to deal with flat tires, and they may wonder whether a plug or a patch is the best choice. Tire repair shops often disagree on repair methods, and there’s much debate over which is the best option. Read on for some tips on choosing an emergency tire repair method.

The Benefits of the Plug

Some tire repair shops may recommend plugs because of their efficiency and their low cost. When someone is broken down, they can get a tire plugged in just a few minutes. Tire plug technology has improved over the years; newer tire plugs vulcanize to the rest of the tire for increased stability and prolonged tire life.

Tire Plugging Limitations

Even if a tire plug is sufficient to repair an oversized tire, most experts caution against depending solely upon a plug. If a hole is near the tire’s sidewall, or if the puncture is diagonal or jagged, a patch may be a better solution. Some experts recommend that tires shouldn’t be plugged in the absence of patching without a visual inspection of the inside of the tire. According to tire repair experts, the best approach is to combine a patch and a plug, to ensure that Oversize Tire Repair in Las Vegas NV will prevent the puncture from becoming worse.

Dealing With Bigger Tire Punctures

Despite the benefits of plugs and patches for tires of all sizes, some types of tire punctures aren’t worthy of extensive repairs according to tire safety experts. A puncture that is larger than one-quarter inch in diameter requires a more complex solution than just a patch and/or a plug. Some drivers work around these requirements by using a full-sized spare tire, and buying one extra tire for that purpose.

The considerations given in the article above can help drivers understand what can be done the next time a flat tire leaves them stranded on the side of the road. Concerned drivers can ask CMC Tires, which methods are commonly used in oversize tire repair in Las Vegas NV, and they shouldn’t be worried about asking for the option they feel is the best and the safest.

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