Dec 20, 2013

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Using Permanent Makeup to Hide Scars

If you have scars that are embarrassing and are having difficulty finding an effective makeup to hide them, permanent makeup is a solution you may not have considered. Permanent makeup is commonly applied to lips and eyes, but many people also use permanent makeup treatments to help cover up scars both on the face and body.

Camouflage Treatment
Permanent makeup provides a treatment that will literally camouflage your scars by adding pigment that matches the natural color of your skin. The treatment uses pigments that are applied under the skin providing a permanent solution to keep your scars hidden. You can have the treatment applied to any area of your skin and many people love using permanent makeup as the finishing touch following a face lift, but also following surgical procedures such as a mastectomy, hair replacement surgery and c-sections.

Other Imperfections
Permanent makeup can also be used to hide other skin imperfections including burns, birth marks and uneven skin tone. Although some imperfections cannot be completely hidden, permanent makeup will make a definite difference and lessen the appearance making you feel more comfortable facing each day or venturing out to the pool or beach in a revealing bathing suit.

How it is applied
Permanent makeup is basically a tattoo that is applied using micropigmentation. In the case of scar camouflage you will also require permission from your doctor to ensure it will not interfere with any procedures you might have undergone. Although the pigments used are hypoallergenic a skin patch test will be done to be safe to make sure you will not have an adverse reaction during the treatment. The test also helps ascertain the proper colors required. A small area of the scar or imperfection will then be covered using the tattooing process and will then be checked once the healing process is complete. If the color is still perfect and you are satisfied with the look the rest of the area will then receive the permanent makeup treatment.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup
So many people have enjoyed the benefits of permanent makeup to hide scars and imperfections. It increases confidence, allows you to wear clothing you might have not worn before in an attempt to cover imperfections and also cuts down on efforts to hide scars with makeup before venturing out everyday. As well you will be able to enjoy swimming as the color is permanent and will not smear or come off when wet.

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