Using Legal Resources to Apply for and Obtain PERA Retirement in MN

After working for the same employer for decades, you would think that it would be relatively easy to obtain benefits to which you are legally entitled. However, many companies do not enjoy paying out benefits to workers. The money that they spend each month to compensate injured or ill employees takes away from their bottom line.

To compel your employer to award you regular payments, you need to hire an experienced attorney to represent you. Your lawyer can help you file and win payments for PERA retirement in MN.

Proving Your Disability

One of the main reasons that your employer may not want to pay you benefits for PERA retirement in MN involves not believing that you are actually injured or ill. You might look perfectly healthy and appear to function just the same as you did when you were employed.

Your lawyer, however, can provide evidence proving that you suffer from a condition like severe anxiety, MS or another illness or injury that is not so evident to the court. The medical records can substantiate that you are actually ill and cannot return to work in your former capacity.

Your lawyer can also ensure that you receive back payments to benefits if you are found eligible for them. You could receive a lump sum of money dating back to the first day that you filed your case. You then can continue to receive monthly payments for the rest of your life.

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