Sep 24, 2015

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Using Fleet Services in Indianapolis IN The Right Way

Using Fleet Services in Indianapolis IN The Right Way

People use fleet services in Indianapolis, IN for all kinds of car needs. Oil changes are something that a fleet service can help with. There once was a time when most people were told that they needed to have oil changes every 3,000 miles for their cars. What people need to know now is that some vehicles can go 10,000 miles without needing an oil change. Manufacturers will all have different mile numbers for oil changes. Since cars in a fleet might not be made by the same company, it’s important for a business owner to know the recommendations for each and every car within the fleet.

Understand that driving conditions need to be considered before taking cars to Fleet Services in Indianapolis, IN for oil changes. Some cars are put through more severe conditions than other cars. Consistently driving in extreme heat and cold will do more harm to oil than driving in normal temperatures. This means the oil may have to be changed. Driving when there is extreme humidity can also affect a car’s oil. Vehicles that are used for towing will also need more frequent oil changes. Vehicles that are always subjected to stop-and-go traffic will need oil changes more often than vehicles who get a lot of miles on expressways.

Fleet owners just don’t Contact Pete’s Service Center or other repair centers for oil changes. Timing belts need to be replaced at certain intervals. Much like with oil changes, recommended intervals can vary from vehicle to vehicle. While some vehicle makers have recommendations of 50,000 miles, others may have recommendations of 100,000 miles. If a timing belt breaks, a vehicles engine won’t work. Unfortunately, there really aren’t any signs that alert drivers to timing belt problems. A belt that is about to snap might make strange sounds, but there are many cases when belts snap without giving any warnings. For most cars, getting a belt checked to see if it needs to be changed isn’t a good option because of the labor costs. If the belt is going to be accessed, it’s best to have it changed.

People who deal with fleets can make schedules for fleet service, so they don’t have to deal with too much maintenance at once. They can use software that helps them keep up with maintenance schedules and repairs.

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