Dec 17, 2013

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Using and Selecting Carbide Burs

Many industries will use carbide burs in their day to day work. These burs come in many different sizes and you will find many different shapes are available for different applications. Some of the most common applications for burs include chamfering, weld preparation, deburring, weld smoothing and scale removal. These burs are also used in hand operations and in die grinders. Carbide burs come in different types, such as tungsten carbide burs and long shank carbide burs. Before you use or buy carbide burs, it is highly recommended that you keep the following in mind:

Selecting the Right Bur for Your Needs

When you go about selecting a bur for your project, you will need to be concerned with two different things. The first is the shape. Burs come in around 10 different shapes, so knowing the type of shape you need can be very helpful. Some of the shapes include cylindrical, egg shape, flame shape, pointed cone and round nose shape.

The second thing that you will want to keep in mind when you select a bur is the cut style. You will find several cut styles including standard, fine, double cut, coarse and aluminum. They type of cut you choose will be based on the type of material you are using and the type of finish you desire. Typically you will find that each of these bur cut styles is ideal for certain work. For instance, standard cuts are most often used on cast iron, steel and other ferrous metals.

Using Burs

Now that you know about bit about selecting the right burs for you, you should focus next on using the burs. Generally when you first start to use a bur, you should start at the lowest speed and work your way up. This will give you much more control over your outcome. You also want to make sure that you are not putting too much pressure on the bur. The bur is designed to do the cutting on its own and too much pressure from the user can chip the edges, something that you definitely don’t want to happen. A chip can significantly reduce the life of your bur.

You can buy burs from a variety of high quality vendors. Typically the internet is the best place to search for them. This way, you can not only see and read up on these burs, you can also seek out reviews from past clients.

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