Apr 13, 2016

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Using An Emergency Plumber In Jacksonville, FL To Unclog A Drain

Using An Emergency Plumber In Jacksonville, FL To Unclog A Drain

When a sink drain becomes clogged within the household, it becomes necessary to take the steps in having it attended to promptly in order to resume using the water supply. There are a few steps a homeowner can take before calling an Emergency plumber in Jacksonville FL to alleviate the problem. Here is a list of things to try beforehand.

Try To Plunge

Just as when a toilet becomes clogged, a sink drain can be plunged to help remove the obstruction from the piping system below. Place the rubber flange of a plunger over the drain and use a forceful up and down pumping motion to dislodge any solid matter from the pipes. The water would automatically go down the drain if the item is pulled out of the way.

Use A Snake

A plumber’s snake can be used to push an obstruction out of the way so water can drain appropriately. Put the tip of the snake into the drain and unwind it as far as possible. Wriggle it around a bit so it will help loosen hardened matter from within the pipes. Wind the snake back onto the handle and observe whether water starts to go down the drain. If the snake only poked a small hole in the material, the water may drain slowly. In time, the matter will break apart from the force of the water, allowing the draining to become faster. If this does not occur, a plumber can be called to evaluate the problem.

Take The Pipe Apart

Place a bucket beneath the P-trap pipe under the sink to collect the water in the basin. Use a wrench to remove the nuts on each side of this curved piece of piping. The water will come rushing out, so be prepared! Once the pipe is removed, it can be cleaned out to remove lodged matter from inside. Check the pipe going toward the wall for additional grime and remove if necessary. Reassemble the piping and check that the water goes down without incident.

If the above steps do not work at removing the clog, a call to an Emergency plumber in Jacksonville FL would be the best way to eliminate the problem effectively. Calling a plumbing service with a fast response is necessary. A homeowner can read full info here about a reliable service and make an appointment if desired.

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