Using a UT Company Offering Cap Table Software Helps With Compliance

If you’ve got a company that you’d like to take public using an IPO, it requires you to take care of specific processes. One of these elements includes changing your cap table. Ensuring it’s correct and adheres to SEC regulations is crucial for your company to maintain compliance. Getting assistance from a specialist offering cap table software should make handling this task even easier.

Compliance With the SEC Is Critical

When you’re issuing preferred or common shares, it’s critical to ensure your cap table is updated. Getting help from a specialized company providing cap table software is usually the best move you can make to help ensure it gets done correctly. Taking this action should give you more time to focus on marketing and operations while ensuring your disclosures are being kept accurately.

Maintaining Security

Another aspect you need to consider is maintaining the security of company and investor data. Handling this factor should be more efficient when you’re utilizing the current encryption technology available with an application. Having access to this software should provide the solution you need to stay organized.

Highly Efficient

Receiving assistance with your cap table from a seasoned professional allows you to issue many types of equity securities, ranging from warrants and options to common or preferred stock. Taking this action will likely give you the management required for your investors to efficiently track each of their investments. Learning more about this solution may be helpful and can be done by visiting EquityTrack at

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