Using A Fingerprint Timeclock To Increase Workplace Efficiency

Businesses who use the talents and labor of hourly workers on a regular basis know that workplace efficiency is vitally important to the overall success of the company. It can mean lower costs as well as higher production by employees which will serve to increase the annual profits which will be earned. Using a fingerprint timeclock as a part of your employee management system can help increase the efficiency of your entire company compared to how you are currently tracking the hours worked by your employees.

A fingerprint timeclock is capable of automatically tracking the hours that an employee works with the simple scan of their fingerprint. This will increase workplace security since only the employee with their unique fingerprint will be able to clock in to work in a specific area. This will help insure that you are only paying your employees for the hours that they are actually working and can avoid any oversights which may occur while using a manual timekeeping system in order to track hourly employees time worked. It is also capable of tracking overtime with many different options for what qualifies as overtime work.

The system is able to use a fingerprint timeclock to track accruals such as vacation days, sick days, and personal days, which are calculated based on how many hours an employee works. For those who are currently using a manual system to calculate these it will mean an increase in accuracy as well as a decreased workload for those who are currently in charge of tracking it. This can be a very menial task so you will likely see an increase in employee satisfaction for those who are currently responsible for the overall tracking and employee management system.

For companies with many different offices located throughout the country or around the world the fingerprint timeclock is capable of working in multiple time zones. It will allow you to set up specific time zones for different groups within the employee base down to the employee level. This level of customization will help throughout the entire system by allowing you to program in different applications which should be specifically applied to different individuals throughout the company. Often the outliers are the ones which need to be adjusted manually and can cause the most problems within any other employee management system.


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