Using a DWI Lawyer to Build a Solid Defense

When you have been arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you have a limited opportunity to defend yourself against the charges. You bear the burden of proving your case and convincing a judge or jury to let you off with minimal or no punishment.

By retaining the services of a skilled DWI lawyer San Antonio TX defendants like you could get the legal representation you need to beat the charges against you. Your attorney can subpoena important evidence like your records of your BAC or blood alcohol content as well as video evidence of your field sobriety test. Your attorney may even be able to discern if you were properly read your rights and given the chance to retain counsel prior to being questioned or tested.

Even if you were drunk or high at the time of your arrest, you may not deserve the full punishment allowed by law. You may fare better to receive a monetary fine or community service particularly if it is your first offense of this kind. When you hire an experienced DWI lawyer San Antonio TX drivers like may be able to keep a clean driving record without the blemish of a DWI on it. You may also escape the worst punishments that can be meted out for the charges for which you have been found guilty.

You should hire an attorney at your first available opportunity. Depending on the time and day of your arrest, you may have to wait until after you are formally arraigned.

Do not let the opportunity to beat the charges against you pass you by. Retain legal counsel as quickly as possible Contact experienced Law office of Jesse Hernandez by phone or online at today.

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